J. L. Jones DBA North Alabama Permaculture Design
The Silver Backed Guerrilla

G'day!   I'm J. L. Jones, a certified Permaculture Designer based in the Huntsville, Alabama area.

I have been seriously studying Permaculture for over ten years, received my Permaculture Design Certification from The Eldenbridge Institute, taught by Alan Booker in fall 2016. In the past I have read prolifically, experimented and enjoyed lectures by the likes of Lary Korn, Max Meyers, Toby Hemenway, Geoff Lawton and many others.

Available to serve North Alabama and surrounding areas with Permaculture Design, biological horticulture and regenerative, sustainable systems consulting.

Please bear with me with this quick and dirty initial, temporary, web presence as I am currently studying Soil Life, Compost and Actively Aerated Compost Tea production with Dr.Ingham. I will be updating the site with much more information as I can among a very busy schedule

For information, scheduling a consultation or simply to make contact with like minds please contact me using the email link below.

Thanks a whole bunch for taking a look!

J. L.

Please contact me via email.

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