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Permaculture Design

For North-Central Alabama and Surrounding Areas

Regenerative Ecological Solutions

Permaculture is a "Whole Systems Design" methodology, rooted in observation and mimicry of nature, employing wisdom of indigenous cultures and the latest in scientific knowledge to create ecological systems which are naturally harmonious, fruitful, diverse and nurturing.

As permaculturists, we strive to work with, rather than subdue nature, as have most all cultures prior to our current profit oriented society. By working with natural systems, in a natural way, we are able to generate new topsoil at a far greater rate than does nature, building soil structure and fertility in order to produce copious, nutrient rich food.

Further, using earthworks to produce surface features which capture and store water in the ground (ground with greater water holding capacity due to soil building efforts), surface storage ponds when appropriate and the recycling of water such as domestic gray water we are able to construct hardy, very drought tolerant, highly productive systems. All this with a minimum of input in terms of materials and labour into the system.


The principal, J. L. Jones, a Certified Permaculture Designer and graduate of Dr. Ingham's Soil Food Web training offers a variety of services to meet the needs of the individual client and property.

Please reach out with a contact email to arrange a meeting to discuss how your life can be enhanced using our nature based techniques to create aesthetically pleasing and nurturing spaces, produce pure and wholesome food, enhance bio-diversity create habitat for beneficial creatures, and the list goes on...

You'll be glad you did!

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